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Fruitland Park, FL

Eyelash Extensions in Fruitland Park, FL

Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular every day, and for a good reason: with advances in application techniques, getting fuller longer eyelashes is easier and more affordable than ever!

When getting your eyelashes done, it's important to go to an expert to ensure the procedure is done correctly and your lashes will grow back evenly. At Nadia Lbaz Aesthetics At Face Time, we specialize in and frequently perform eyelash extensions, so you can rest assured that yours will be done by a highly-experienced professional.

For natural looking lashes that draw attention to your eyes, nothing beats the meticulous care and attention to detail you'll get at Nadia Lbaz Aesthetics At Face Time. After getting your extensions, you'll have no need for mascara or eyelash curlers, as your lashes will look fuller and naturally curve with the extensions, and you will still be able to do all the things you could with your natural lashes, including sleeping, exercising and even swimming.

We're confident you'll come back to us for all your eyelash extensions because we're that confident in the quality of our work. So whether you want to look your best every day or for a special occasion, we can help.

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